Labor Day Weekend

I have had the greatest Labor Day Weekend. I started the weekend continuing work on my new universe. I ended the weekend by writing on my short story universe.

Overall I wrote more than 2000 words a day and kept my stories right on moving. I also was able to spend a lot of time with my family and get some work done in the yard. Sadly we’ve got to go back to normal life tomorrow but I’ve set some pretty strong goals that will require me to spend a good amount of time writing if I want to meet them.

How was your weekend?

Asung Galaxy: A New Writing Journey

I know that I haven’t been on here much at all recently, and there is no excuse for it, but I have started to work on a new set of backgrounds for a massive universe that I want to build. I know that this is going to take a long time for worldbuilding but to keep you from any sort of suspense, I plan on releasing parts of the background as I do it.

I also have plans to make this project more than just myself. My amazing wife has an artistic ability that I am going to put to work and showcase! As I get new images and art working for the story, I will release it on here. As of now, this has only been formulating in my mind for a day or two but please stick with me and I will continue to bring out my thoughts as the building continues.

Rengar’s Journey Continues

Today our friends made it away from the orc battlefield and into the Northern Mountains. They are starting to cross through the mountain in a forgotten city that once held a population made up of humans, elves, gnomes and dwarves all living in peace. The group is wondering why they knew nothing about a city like this and why it had been kept from them, but unbeknownst to them, a new threat lies in the distance. That threat will begin to show it’s face in tomorrow’s writing! Have a great night!


I can remember a lot of things that made me happy when I was growing up as a kid. Whether it was playing my old Nintendo system or riding a bike or playing football with my brother, I was normally a pretty happy kid. As I’ve gotten older, I have seen those things transition into something else. My happiness is less based on what I do for myself these days and more based on what I do for my family.

It’s kind of weird how things change as you get older. Small things used to make me excited like a party or holiday for instance, but now it’s the light in my daughters eye that makes me happy. I could care less for holidays or other special days of the year, but she gets excited about them and that makes everything great.

I also am finding more happiness for myself in my hobbies then I am my work. I have started looking into a new path that would excite me greatly if I could break into it. I’m not going to say a lot here and now, but I am excited for what the future might bring. My whole family is on board with this decision, so it could just be the breaking point I need to get out of my normal 9-5 and work creatively from home. I think that would make my ideal situation complete. I do enjoy my current job, but I just feel there is something more that I can do with my career then work for someone else.

I am trying my hardest this year to be a little more happy. I am seeing joy in things that I hadn’t before, simple things. I want to try to meditate, search for some peace that I have longed for.

Each person has their own definition of happiness. What is yours? What things do you do to make yourself happy?

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something, normally associated with a production of art. Or at least that is what the Google definition of creativity is. But it can be so much more then that!

Creativity doesn’t just sit there, awaiting for us to awaken it’s use and put it work for us. Creativity has to be made, folded, worked with and pushed to get it out on the page. Creativity is doing something for the sake of being different.

But what exactly does this mean? There is so much information out in the world these days, can your ideas be different than someone else’s, especially when writing a story? One thing I’ve learned in writing is that someone else has probably already had your plot idea. They may have even hashed it out and sold the book to a publisher. But should that stop you from creating the work that you want to bring to the world?

The answer is no. The path is what makes it different. Spy stories have followed a similar path and story for years, but does that stop a new one from being a creative work? No it doesn’t because the characters are not the same. The path to the resolution is not the same. Everything you create for your specific story is different and that makes it creative.

The process for creating a story is a tried and true method. We all strive to follow it, for the most part. Readers expect it. But that method can create thousands of different ideas to enlighten our readers.

So what exactly is creativity? I believe that creativity is using your imagination to create something of your own. In writing we have to use our imagination all the time, from creating the worlds that our characters live in to the interactions they have between characters. We all have the ability to be creative.

What do you believe that creativity is?

Why am I Doing This?

There are a lot of people who would ask, why am I doing this? Why am I interested in taking on the job of writing? What makes me think I can make it?

Honestly, these are all very good questions. I have felt since I was a teenager that I had stories in me that needed to be released on the world. I have always loved the idea of writing, but never really taken the time to become a professional at it, keeping the dream out of my reach. However, the only thing keeping that dream out of reach was me.

I could blame fear, I could blame lack of knowledge, time, etc. but overall at the end of the day the only one keeping the dream out of reach is me. I haven’t taken the time to sit down and knock out the words. This is my call to action, this website is my call to get to it and to start living the dream.

I’ve laid out a plan that will inevitably not be followed as life happens and the day to day is hard to follow, but this time I’m not going to back down. This time I will be focusing on my dream and will take the time to get the work done. This time I will not fail.