About Me

I’ve always been a lover of the stars. The vastness of space has always been a draw for exploration and adventure in my eyes. Years ago, I had an interest in becoming an astronomer and learning about what makes up our heavens. As I got older, my eyes shifted towards technology and I received my bachelor’s in Information Science and Technology, however, the draw towards the stars continued. As I entered the real world, space became more of a hobby that I have continued to research on the side.

My love for space has not diminished. Influenced by the drive to write and my wonderful wife, I have picked up the laptop and am pushing my desire to put words to the page. It seems natural to take my love of space and writing and bring the stories that have been bouncing around in my brains for years to every one of you. This couldn’t happen without the support of my family and fans, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.