Rengar’s Journey Continues

Today our friends made it away from the orc battlefield and into the Northern Mountains. They are starting to cross through the mountain in a forgotten city that once held a population made up of humans, elves, gnomes and dwarves all living in peace. The group is wondering why they knew nothing about a city like this and why it had been kept from them, but unbeknownst to them, a new threat lies in the distance. That threat will begin to show it’s face in tomorrow’s writing! Have a great night!


I can remember a lot of things that made me happy when I was growing up as a kid. Whether it was playing my old Nintendo system or riding a bike or playing football with my brother, I was normally a pretty happy kid. As I’ve gotten older, I have seen those things transition into something else. My happiness is less based on what I do for myself these days and more based on what I do for my family.

It’s kind of weird how things change as you get older. Small things used to make me excited like a party or holiday for instance, but now it’s the light in my daughters eye that makes me happy. I could care less for holidays or other special days of the year, but she gets excited about them and that makes everything great.

I also am finding more happiness for myself in my hobbies then I am my work. I have started looking into a new path that would excite me greatly if I could break into it. I’m not going to say a lot here and now, but I am excited for what the future might bring. My whole family is on board with this decision, so it could just be the breaking point I need to get out of my normal 9-5 and work creatively from home. I think that would make my ideal situation complete. I do enjoy my current job, but I just feel there is something more that I can do with my career then work for someone else.

I am trying my hardest this year to be a little more happy. I am seeing joy in things that I hadn’t before, simple things. I want to try to meditate, search for some peace that I have longed for.

Each person has their own definition of happiness. What is yours? What things do you do to make yourself happy?